Breathing and exhausted

Will this ever end I’ve been trying to deep clean all day with the exception of taking an hour nap. I clean 15 to 20 minutes and have to sit down I’m short of breath and exhausted this is crazy 1 room all day and still not done I have been using my inhaler all day . I’m sorry I just got diagnosed with SS on Thursday and don’t know much on this disease supposed to see a Rheumatologist referral has been sent but not found I called to tell the lady that they never got it this is frustrating.

That doesn’t sound good. If you’ve been using your inhaler all day, then it sounds like you have either asthma or COPD. That means that you must have a pulmonologist. I would be in touch and at least check in with the nurse at your pulmonologists office tomorrow. If you were just saying that you had to rest I would be thinking just severe fatigue. I shouldn’t say just, but just as opposed to breathing problems. Breathing problems are nothing to be messed with, so I do encourage you to get checked out.