does any members have bronchiectasis with ss love some time on how well u cope .I done six week rehab on how to breathe and how to get rid of sputum love to hear your feedback Maggie may

Hi Maggie! I’m sorry that you’ve been going through this. I did look this up, as well as looking to see what the research hard to say about a connection with Sjogren’s. Apparently there is a connection, so it might not be a bad idea for people to be aware of what this condition is?

bronchiectasis is inflamation of the lung pockets they fill up with mucus i had it for along time but they kept saying it was just another infection until i was very ill with lots of mucus and chronic cough that i had for 7 months and thought i should have a scan my lungs were found to be scared and damaged but i have to cough most of the day to get rid of mucus if i dont i would end up in hospital with nasty infection didnt put all this down in my introduction as it would take to long its is connected to sjogrens but is manageable also have lots of other amune probs will leave for another day ss has alot to answer for i have to keep an emergancey pack of byotics and steroids iin house incase of flare up sending best wishes magie may .must give my thanks to one of your members because she made me a friend gave me the courage to talk more im sure she know s who she is