does any members have bronchiectasis with ss love some time on how well u cope .I done six week rehab on how to breathe and how to get rid of sputum love to hear your feedback Maggie may

Hi Maggie May

I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis 18 months ago and SS 12 months ago although I had the symptoms for the last 3 years. I am new to this site and joined when I saw post from people who had the same problems as me. Its good to see that its not all in my mind! I think I have been attributing some of my sjogrens symtoms to my lung and breathing problems and just trying to understand what is going on.


I don't have that particular issue but SS can affect the lungs so you do have to keep on top of this stuff. Getting rid of the gunk for me tends to just be a combination of lots of water and occassionally tea (green with mint for me) with honey. I go through chronic laryngitis so it actually seems to help keep the throat coated without creating a worse build up.

hi easy life ss has got a lot to answer for there are lots of side illnesses that go with it i also have raynards thyroid prob animia asthma and lymademia and odema its just takes over your life my spelling is out the window think i have brain fog lol hope you are feeling better today. i had an awful day yesterday bad tempered and being nasty not that is was meant just the way i was feeling make you angry. i know bringing gunk up is awful i will try the green tea. keep well sending best wishes to you thank you for writing its nice when you get replys

I hear ya about getting angry at other stuff because the way you feel is so bad. I've gotten to where I just tell people I'm grouchy today and they get it. A lot of us have the multiple issues here so I can definitely sympathize. Hang in there!!!