Can't Sleep!

I went to the doctor today and she put me on Lexapro for panic attacks and depression. I have only taken one 5mg. and it made me extremely sick on my stomach with throwed me into another panic attack. On top of it all I can’t take phenergan with it because according to the internet they could interact with each other! Everytime I dose off my body wakes me up with that awful feeling of fear and anxiety in my stomach and my heart pounding. My mouth is bone dry no matter what I use. I cant take much more. I’m getting desperate. I fear I’m not gonna make it through this. I just want to sleep like a normal person does!

You definitely need to talk to your doctor about your concern with interactions. Today. Was your doctor aware that you are taking phenergan?

I don't know what medications you've tried for anxiety, but Amitriptyline is supposed to be good for that and depression. I'm on a low dose for nerve pain, and I feel so much better as I get a really good sleep. It's brilliant for that! I really struggled before. The only problem with it is that it can cause a dry mouth; I think mine is worse on it but for me it's worth it just to have relief from the nerve pain and be able to sleep. I do wake up regularly with the dry mouth but can go straight back to sleep after having a guzzle of water.

Hope you can get something to help you. Thinking of you...

Thanks Stoney and Jules, no I didn’t say anything to the dr. about the phenergan cause I only take it occasionally. I did call her this morning and she said it was o.k. to take them together. I took a half of a 25 mg. tablet and still didn’t go to sleep. I guess I will take the whole pill tonight. She also said it would take a week or so before the Lexapro kicks in. I need it to work soon or I am gonna go crazy. I know this might seem crazy, but it seemed like it made the anxiety worse. Is that even possible after one 5mg. pill? Man this anxiety is getting the best of me!!!

I have found that if I go to You tube and search " short yoga for sleep" and do a one before sleep it can really help. Also I take 5 mg of melatonin one hour before bedtime.
Online there is a group of apps under “Surf apps”. I got one for sleep that I use headset for nightly and it’s very relaxing.
I don,t suggest this can take the place of meds but it can help.
Take care.