Question about anti anxiety meds

Karen said…
Is everyone with this syndrome on anti anxiety meds? If so, what are the best kind to take. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, even if I do sleep I am constantly waking myself up somehow with my heart pounding and a sick feeling in my stomach. I am consumed with my dry mouth and I think the anxiety is making it worse but I know not eating good and anxiety is probably making it worse. Having to force myself to eat as I gag on it. Any suggestions?

Hi! I was on Lexapro for a while and found it pretty helpful for my anxiety attacks. I had to go off of it before my hernia surgery, and I haven't gotten back on. I still have some anxiety, so I take a 1/2 of Xanax if I have an attack. I have found that Xanax is great for dizziness too, but unfortunately, it is not something you can take continually. It's only on an "as needed" basis. I would talk to your PCP or rheumatologist about Lexapro.

I have been on Effexor for years. I was on 300mg now I take 150. I have Xanex PRN.

Hi Karen,

My primary care provider has just prescribed me antianxiety meds two weeks ago. I guess I have always been slightly anxious but I have got worse with SS the brain fog and being slow to get around the loss of my job and going to a lower paid position has hit me financially and emotionally
I was worried about taking them due to the dryness. But I started them yesterday as have had enough.i am so glad you posted this discussion , by the way he has prescribed me Escitalopram .I was wondering if there was anyway you could get some physiotherapy or breathing training.I have done a course on this through the hospital when I was younger and it gave me breathing exercises to do when I was anxious it did help a bit is there any thing like this that you could get where you are.

Zoloft is good

Hi Mellow, sorry to hear about your job! I know that was hard. I will look into your suggestions. I work for a hospital p/t and they have lots of classes for employees such as that. I know I need some help emotionally. Im having a hard time since I went off all the meds but like you I’m worried about the dryness! I’m not even sure what physiotherapy is but I will definitely check it out. Let me know how you do on your new med!

Thanks Debb, does Zoloft dry you out anymore than usual?

Thanks Susie, I thought about Xanex but I was on klonopin for over 5 years for migraines and muscle twitching. I was on a small dose .05. Didn’t think it was really affecting me that much. My new neurologist took me off of it in Jan. and right after that was when all my problems started. I haven’t been right sinse! I done some research and found out you’re not supposed to be on it long term. I guess I should have done the research before I went on it or at least during. It did keep me calm though. I’m worried about being dependant on them and I know Xanex is very addictive but it’s also something you can take as needed. I will look into the Lexapro. I haven’t heard of this drug. Thanks for the suggestions! Do you do well with lexapro and does it dry you out anymore than usual?

Hi Karen,

Thankyou for your kind words about the loss of my job.I was wondering about physiotherapy, I thought it might help if I mentioned the exact details ,it was breathing retraining for hyperventilation syndrome is what I had.
When we are chronically ill for long periods and in pain and under a lot of stress our breathing patterns change and we tend to breath incorrectly this can cause worsening of anxiety and also loss of sleep. I am just mentioning this as if you have any respiratory specialists at your hospital they maybe able to help.i will definately let you know how my new Med goes.

My doctor put me on Xanax 1-2, 0.25 mg) last year for the anxiety I was experiencing at bedtime. I have pills I take to help me sleep/stay asleep but I get anxious about how painful it's going to be to lay down/ get comfortable/ actually sleep etc... I honestly didn't think the little bitty dose she gave me was going to do much, then I was also afraid that it might really mess with me. Turned out to work pretty good. I could use more than the 2 small pills I take most days on many different occasions (certain phone calls, tension days etc...) but I'm happy with the help these give me. So... count me in as another person with this illness that's on anti-anxiety medication and I'm one who feels I could use more... also I could use something for depression every once and awhile too. That's something I'd like to add to this conversation- how many of us are on antidepressants?

I take Cymbalta 60mg BID for anxiety & depression- I don't think it's enough most days. However, I'm maxed out on the dosage.

I've never tried the xanex or klonopin etc- so, I'm not a good person for that aspect.

I've tried Lexapro in the past. But, it was not effective.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that most of us take something for these issues. Good Topic.

Best wishes-

Thanks for all the replies, especially about the breathing, I have actually caught myself not breathing correctly due to my stomach being so tensed up from the chronic nausea. The phenergan is not really effective anymore it just makes me tired. I’m having nocturnal panick attacks now because I can’t turn off my brain so I really do need some breathing retraining!

Just a quick note: I take phenergan also; but if possible I prefer Zofran. But my insurance plan only pays for 20 tablets a month. So I add the phenergan. (Zofran isn’t an antihistamine based drug like phenergan.)
So I hoard the zofran and use it for the worst days.
Insurance companies are ridiculous. And getting worse daily. But, that’s for another discussion.

Take care-

I take Trazodone at night. It has helped with the anxiety and helps me sleep.

I take Prozac for my bipolar. I tried Klonopin for the anxiety, but it made my depression so much worse, I had to stop it. I am thinking about finding something new, the Prozac isn't helping like it used to, but not having it is not an option, I'm miserable off it. I also have issues with insomnia, I always have. I've tried Melatonin, Lunesta, Ambien and a few OTC sleep aids, they all help at first, but never for long. And the gagging thing..yep I get it. I gag trying to take a few pills even. When it comes to eating I rely on water. I typically take a drink with each bite on bad days or when eating peanut butter. I've found carbicarbinated beverages are not helpful. I stick to water or tea. And take small bites and chew a lot, and take a extra drink if I need it.