Lexapro and Brain Fog

My new Internist wants to switch one of my meds and I’m scared. A few years ago I began experiencing a lot of anxiety around bedtime- how bad is it going to hurt tonight when I lay down, will I actually sleep more than two hours, why am I so jittery, blah blah blah. I told my doctor and she explained that after years of chronic pain and years of being on pain meds that it was pretty common (and google agrees) for patients to begin feeling this anxiety. She prescribed Xanax- it worked. I then did begin to recognize that there were other times I was experiencing anxiety and we increased the dose. I soon discovered that my pain levels were reduced- of course… I wasn’t as tense so I was no longer as tired and not in as much pain- success! I actually wanted to do more, felt better- for me this was great. Enter into the picture my new doctor- she doesn’t want me on Xanax, she wants to switch me to Lexapro. I’m scared. I’ve looked over some of the side effects, this medication scares me.
Does anyone have experience switching from something like Xanax to Lexapro. Any advice? Anyone actually on Lexapro that can tell me if it’s affected their brain fog, their libido, has it caused more dehydration or dizziness? Tell me the horror stories, tell me the successes, just talk to me. I’m going through enough stress right now worried about a recent CT Scan (don’t have results yet) and now this medication switch on top of it.
Sorry this post/rant/pity party was so long… but I’ve learned this is a fantastic place to share the good as well as the bad. Thanks in advance for sharing your stories or your thoughts.

I can’t help you much on the specifics. I’m not surprised that the doctor wants to get you off Xanax. It can be habit forming.

Make sure that you start on a low dose of medication and increase slowly. It can help minimize side effects.

I was nervous enough when my rheumy put me on xanax to begin with, but the anxiety associated with bedtime and certain life situations encouraged me to take the risk. I’m perfectly okay with going off of it to go onto something a bit safer. Just found out yesterday that the switch over is scarier than I originally thought it would be. We aren’t even going to begin the taper off until after a month has gone by while on the Lexapro. Then, as we step down the Xanax she’s going to up the Lexapro (apparently from what I’ve read this is a normal process). Crossing fingers and looking at all the benefits of this medication switch- doesn’t mean there isn’t fear coursing through the back of my mind though.
Thanks for chiming in Stoney!

All of the antidepressants take time to start working. It sounds as though your doc has a good plan.

She does, I agree with it… it’s just with spending so much time alone during the day and caring for animals changes in meds concern me. I actually just took my very first Lexapro a moment ago and now headed off to bed to read for a little bit, take my handful of pills and then off to beddy bye.

Hope it works out for you, Rae, and best wishes!