Diet can it help

Does this illness mean leaky gut if so I need to fix it will it work find out what I’m intolerant to and stop eating those foods then I heard of products in Germany that can help heal leaky gut ?

Hi Flo,

There is some really good info on leaky gut on the Fibromyalgia group, let me see what I can dig up for you!


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I'm just gonna post these links on here in case someone wants to read them. I know in the groups section things don''t always get noticed as much

Be sure to read about the biofilm. It can keep you from wasting time and money and not getting the yeast killed. The biofilm forms as a barrier between the yeast and your antifungal. There are digestive enzymes that break down the biofilm so that your antifungal can get to the yeast and kill it.

The digestive enzymes that my doctor has be on is Interfase Plus by Klaire Labs. Must be taken on empty stomach so it can work on the biofilms.

About resistant candida biofilm

More on candida/yeast

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Leaky Gut Syndrome. I mentioned it so I better put this information to explain it.

Those last 2 entries are from Allergic, one of our members who worked as a nurse. She uses a combination of AMA/Natural treatments, and Physicans.

Allergic was contacted on the Lyme Support Group and gave permission for this to be transferred to the Sjogren's site. 4-4-2014