Digesta cure

Anybody ever tried digesta cure ? if so does it help or not

Second time I've heard this mentioned. I cannot find any reference to ingredients, other than the hybrid organic aloe grown in volcanic rich soil. The literature claims to fix 'leaky gut' with this anti-viral, anti-yeast, anti-bacterial, anti-parasite...but I did not realize that aloe was all of that alone!

We have mentioned the benefits of aloe, and many here use it to 'juice'. I guess until we find the exact list of ingredients for this, we need to look at ALL of the healing properties of aloe when taken internally.

The way they talk there are also probiotics in this, but they do not list them.

Your guess is as good as mine, John! Just beware that with many of these products, once they get a credit card or bank account number, you are going to have one heck of a hard time discontinuing it! I doubt you can go to GNC and buy it off the shelf!

There are natural types of Physicians who have studied the overgrowth of candida, and leaky gut, you may be better off to seek one of them out if you feel that this could be an underlying problem for you.

Hopefully you will get some better information from other members. Please keep us in the loop.

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Here are the ingredients!

I'm on it right now. It's Day 34 or so. I can't say that I've seen any improvement at all, but they say to at least wait until Day 45. Some people have to take it at least 90 days -- so they say. I bought 3 bottles and its so expensive so I may as well stay on it especially since so many other people had such great results with it.

Hi DLT, thanks for the info, I'll be looking foreward to hearing from you about it!

Hi SK -- When I thought about this later, I realized that my fatigue has improved in the last couple weeks since I've been on it. I also switched to just drinking mineral water at the same time (as they say) so my lessened fatigue could be due to either thing. I also used to feel fluey in the mornings when I woke up, but that's gone. But I still have the dry mouth and the bad digestion from the pancreas still so those things may be a much longer wait to see if they get helped by the Digestacure. I will certainly let you know.

To update, I made it to Day 45 of the Digestacure, and I stopped. I was getting zero improvement on my dry mouth and my insufficient pancreas. Neither one was getting better at all. And, the aloe-like stuff this is made of was making my intestines a gurgling mess. When I stopped the Digestacure after Day 45, the gurgling stopped and it felt so peaceful. I think this stuff works for some people -- it seems to really help colitis and things of that nature. But I don't think this stuff was meant for everyone.

DLT, you talk about drinking mineral water, is this the carbonated stuff? Like Perrier? That stuff kills me, it's either the pancreas or the hernia! Take care with that!

Sorry it did not do the trick for you, nothing ventured...

Never heard of it.

SK, I drink regular mineral water. I've read that the carbonated sparkling ones have an acidic pH, and that's not what we want to achieve in our bodies trying to return ourselves to a healthy normal pH of 7.4. The water I drink has a pH of either 7.6 or 7.8. They say not to drink anything higher than 8.0 because if we go too alkaline, our bodies will get sick also. So it's good you aren't drinking the carbonated ones. I didn't know that for years, the Glacier water (reverse osmosis) had an acidic pH. I was shocked reading about it all in a Sjogren's book, so I started on Mineral water (pricey) but I felt better after only 2 days. The flu feeling was gone and the heavy fatigue I had lifted. I get occasional slight fatigue in short spells now, but nothing like before. I think my blood pH must have gotten better just from drinking the mineral water.