Does anyone else suffer from Costochondritis?

It's that rib and sternum pain that only worstens with coughing, or a drop in the barometric pressure, or sometimes it's aggravated by stress.

I know that Psoriatic Arthritis is a factor in having it, as Sjogren's surely could be, but slow digestion also seems to contribute to mine.

So besides NSAIDS, by suggestion of my Chiro, I also take probiotics and a digestive enzyme.

Of course I cleared this with my GP as well as my Rheum.

Yes, I have that pain from time to time. It’s horrible. I feel like someone is sitting on my chest.

I have had this and been so bad that I could not even pick up a dinner plate. My husband more or less carried me up to my GP, those two big men held me down and he gave me a shot of Demerol in the Sternum! WHEW, that was absolutely unforgettable, but let me tell you, it knocked it out of me, broke the pain cycle.

Yes, acupuncture does help, so do NSAIDS! I have also taken white willow bark, but you have to be very careful with that as it can irritate the stomach!

I have gotten this twice, once a year since diagnosed with Sjogren's. I didn't know what it was, and ended up in the ER and then an overnight visit while they monitored my heart, even though I told them right from the beginning that it was not my heart. I am glad to know a name for it. I not know what to take for it, so I just toughed it out after that first time.

I know, mc, it's terrifying! At first, my GP had 'the paddles' ready! Whew!

I went through this when my gall bladder finally just 'died'! Only took them 20 years to determine it was finally no longer functioning at all, as it was normal size, no stones, but was not moving. So that was as close to an emergency surgery that I've had! I wonder if Sjogren's was not in play there!

Yes, it used to happen to me all the time. When I changed to a gluten free diet it helped some of my inflammatory arthritis symptoms but I also found that taking a probiotic daily and reflux medication seem to help as well for me. I am however on a daily dose of predisone so it does come back sometimes as my steroids decrease and my inflammation increases. The barometric pressure makes me hurt just about everywhere.

Hi Friendhere,

Thanks for responding! Sorry that you also suffer this! I was amazed at the difference it makes in the Costo as far as taking the digestive aids, and of course avoiding foods that I simply can no longer digest. I've had to cut my meat and cheese intake way down, and just say no to the likes of green bell peppers, actually just about any type of pepper!

Wishing you well,


I have had Sjogren's for over 20 years. I am now 78 and things are getting worse.

I was diagnosed with costochondritis many years ago and it has never improved although I have good and bad spells.

The whole of my chest area hurts and I find sitting very uncomfortable after a while so I lay on the settee a lot of the time.

The best relief I get is to lie in a hot bath (as hot as I can stand) for 15 - 20 minutes and try to keep my ribs under the water which is not easy. It is not a very practical solution so I keep it for when I really need it and can't stand the pain any more.

I also have carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis in my arms and my elbows are swollen and painful. Once again I find the best relief is to soak my arms in a bowl of hot water. I also find a freeze spray useful for a quick easy short relief. I have Benzydamine cream & Movelat gel from my Doctor as well as painkillers.

My knees are swollen but don't hurt, also my feet are slightly swollen. My hands bother me the most as I cannot hold a books so have to prop it up to read, writing bothers me and the more I use my hands the more they hurt. Keeping them warm helps. I regularly drop things.

I am always tired and regularly fall asleep If I am doing nothing. When watching TV I often miss a lot of a programme as I cannot keep awake.

Unfortunately it is only recently that my Husband has decided that Sjogren's is a real disease and not a figment of my imagination.

My lack of saliva is getting worse therefore swallowing also. I always carry water with me and have Salivix Pastilles which the hospital recommended.

Unfortunately I think my daughter may have the first symptoms of Sjogren's though I hope not.

I think I have gone on for long enough.

Hello Ali,

How nice it is to hear from you! We have a lot in common, but my arthritis is much worse in my SI joints (sacroiliac), but my hands do bother me after typing a while.

I know my Costo is from arthritis, fibro, sjogren's, however when I take digestive aids and probiotics, it helps me break down my foods better, and it is much more livable. Of course my gall bladder is gone, lack of saliva is no help, and the list goes on! I thought my Chiropractor was insane when he related rib pain to digestion, especially since the bad gall bladder is gone. I was already taking probiotics, but he asked me to try these, and I am still taking them, and I notice rib pain and soreness when I don't take them!

These break down proteins, dairy, plant, and everything you could possibly eat, although I still cannot digest peppers, even with these! Please be sure to ask your Doctor before adding them to meds.

To me taking one of these provides more relief than Morphine!

So sorry to hear your daughter is showing the signs, I know the heartbreak of knowing it came from you. All of my grand kids have psoriasis, the great grand kids were born with it!

As for husbands...well, we know!

Here's some probiotic info too.

I hope that you can find some substantial relief, I know this is terrible, sometimes intractable pain.

Wishing you well,