Dry skin

Does anyone have any good ideas for dry skin? I have tried everything! My skin even soaks up coconut oil within minutes. It's crazy: (

I drink a lot of water already.


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Hi Confused,

Besides coconut oil, sometimes I put olive oil in the bath water, use olive oil kiss my face soap, and still like the Aveno stuff, my favorite is the Aveeno natural lotion, no perfumes. My grand kids all have psoriasis, so I keep the Eczema cream on hand too. The body wash is nice as well.

My mom uses DML


Hope this helps!

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I forgot about Kiss My Face. They have some good stuff. And we got lucky that the local Stop n shop carries their stuff too. I definitely think the all natural part is why its so good.

I get dry skin on my cheeks and over and between my eyebrows from time to time, tried a few things with no joy. Then I started using Nivea Men sensitive moisturiser (which is alcohol free) helps me out. Feel like I'm writing an advert think I could get sponsorship? JK LOL. But seriously it did it for me, I know it's "for men", which is why I went for this in the first place, but if it works? Not had to find anything for all over problem yet.


If I don't use something every day I will get the most horrible itchy skin and I will scratch until I bleed. I have found that Palmer's Oil, Aveeno cream, Eucerin cream, and CeraVe cream all work okay. I try to use thicker cream formulations rather than lotion if they're available. I don't skimp on the lotion at all -- I make it a point to go through at least a bottle or jar a month to make sure I'm using enough. FWIW, the dermatologist I saw (just once) highly recommended CeraVe. It doesn't smell so good, but it keeps me from clawing my skin to shreds.

Thank you everyone. I can only use oils when I have no where to go. Gotta try some of the creams: )

I have always had dry skin and have gone through more lotions and potions than you can imagine, and have a sort of obsession with them. Oh who am I kidding...I have a real, full blown fixation! (My husband's comment to someone once; "I try not to think about how much it costs, but she sure is soft!!!") My best method is to take lukewarm baths or showers and while I'm still wet I use one of my many assorted body oils and apply liberally. Then I barely pat dry. It leaves you a bit greasy but by the end of the day my skin is really, really soft. I have just discovered Suave Morrocan Dry Body Oil. Amazing. Same softness without the greasiness. I also switch it up with body butters and gel oils. I actually think that switching rather than using one product helps me. Things seem to lose their effectiveness if it's the only thing used. I hope that some of this helps you. (And a little side note...God how I miss long steamy hot showers and baths!!! LOL!) One of my (many) doctors told me that oils aren't effective on dry skin. It needs moisture with it to absorb into the skin, and suggested the method I described above. Also, lotions are less effective than creams because dry skin needs the richness that creams provide. Again, I hope that some of this helps!