Nivea in-shower lotion

Has anyone else tried this? I have been using it for a couple weeks and couldn't be happier. My dry skin isn't severe but I absolutely can't go a day without lotion out of the shower. This stuff has been great. They do mean it when they say quick rinse off. Anything more than that, it doesn't work near as well and it is light on the skin. I am curious if anyone else has tried it and I wanted to pass along the find if they haven't.... I am currently using the Shea Butter one.

I tried it but didn't find it any better than the Curel I have been using but then I have gone from dry skin to eczema.

I wondered if that worked well. I will purchase tomorrow! My problem is I usually take baths because my muscles hurt so much. Might have to try a combo bath/shower and see how that goes. A bower. :slight_smile:

Lucky you! I was told not to take baths anymore and ti forgo my loofa. Now I only was the "dirty" parts.

Thanks for the tip!

ya thanks for the tip, i take baths for pain, and use lots of lotion, hope i get some help from reum for pain and not take so many baths.

I hope it helps. Like I said, my dry skin isn't severe but if I skip lotion in some form I spend the day itchy and get flaky quick. Ugh. I'm just happy to have something that works for me and cuts down on my prep time in the morning. Heaven knows the endless fatigue and insomnia makes everything slow and its always a wonder if I get to work on time. LOL

I have super super dry skin,, I put baby oil in my bath,, I only have baths , but about 10 squirts of it , so that is quite a bit ,,and lay in the bath,,, that is the only thing that helps my skin, but I do that every night I have tried everything literally and that is the only thing that works for me,,,I also do not dry myself with a towel,,,

Purchased it yesterday. Hoping it works for me too,