A *GREAT* find for Sjogies (especially with dry skin)

If y’all haven’t heard of the new CUREL HYDRA THERAPY
WET SKIN MOISTURIZER FOR DRY AND EXTRA-DRY SKIN…you HAVE to try it!!! It is on the expensive side. Especially for lotion. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $10.84 (I think) but there was a instant $2 off coupon!

You put this on after you finish in the shower. DO NOT rinse it off!! Then towel dry. Now it took a few minutes for me to feel it but man…my skin is sooooo silky!! I just got out of the shower and ladies…I shaved my legs too, so we all know that means dry flaky skin in the days that follow. Well HOPEFULLY this lotion will put an end to all that!!

Just wanted to share! I hope someone else tries it and benefits from it too!!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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Forgot to add that there are no perfumes or dyes in it either!!

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That is way cool. I use the in-shower one but nice to know there is one working well that doesn’t require a slippery shower.