Any recommendations for dry skin? Here are a few I have To rub on skin after a bath as moisturizer. and coconut oil supplements

Always speak to your Doctor before adding supplements!

Thank you.
Right before I was diagnosed I started having problems with very dry skin on my feet and still do. Anyone else have this? Anyone have any good solutions/creams for the feet? ?? Thank you.

The coconut oil I mentioned can be used on the entire body! Though my Mom was never dxed with this, she has many of the classic symptoms, as did her Mother. You can vacuum her chair and ottoman, and the floor, and by the end of the next day, it looks like someone scaled a boatload of fish! Unbelievable! We tried every cream on the market, but the coconut oil is working! Many with Psoriasis swear by it!

Olive oil is also very healing, it may work well too, though the coconut surely smells better!

I have been using just plain old baby oil, rubbing it on right after the shower while still damp.

Absolutely, mothers have relied on this for decades!

I use lotion, soap and shampoo made with emu oil. I get it from a friend who manufactures it but similar products should be available elsewhere. She also has straight emu oil, body butter, hair conditioner, therapy ointment (made for by a lab), and lip gloss. She has a website -

The products were all developed by a cooperative that she belonged to. As people stopped raising emus, they dropped out and she bought the business because she so enjoys selling the products and helping people.

Thanks Felter, I was curious about this oil!