Eyes and fluid

Hi, I have just joined your group and hope to learn a lot more info. than most of the doctors i’ve seen. I have a very new and worrisome problem. I was watching t.v. two nights ago and could not see the left side of anyones face. It lasted until bedtime and my eyes have been super sore latley. I went to the eye dr. On fri. She told me I have fluid built up behind my eye. I am to see her on mon. if it is no better she says she’ll then talk to me about what it could be. I have a pretty severe headache today and both of my eyes are extremely red and sore. Has anyone here heard of this kind of problem before?

I am just talking out of the top of my head....In fact, it may be better not to speculate....But Iwas thinking that it may be an infection in which case they could give you antibiotic drops....There are other possibilities also but you really need to just speak to your doctor.Good luck ....I hope you get good news.

Welcome to the group. You didn't give a lot of information, such as tests that were already run, and what was ruled out, so I don't know how alarmist to be. You didn't say if the specific symptom of not being able to see the left side of anyone's face (and presumably objects) lasted, or if that particular one passed.

Did the eye doctor check your eye pressure? The presence of a headache and red eyes, along with increased fluid makes me very concerned about permanent vision loss. Did the eye doctor check for retinal inflammation, using a scan? Presumably you're already diagnosed with Sjogren's. . . Do you have your tear ducts plugged? Have you had problems with inflammation in your eyes before?

I would keep the appointment on Monday. But if you have any vision loss that is new at this point, or if anything worsens, I would probably call up today, and make clear that you feel that this is an emergency. If there is no eye doctor on call, then call up the local hospital or walk-in clinic, just to guarantee that you can be seen. Vision loss can be permanent if there is damage to the retina or to the optic nerve.

Again, you didn't give tons of information here. But if there was no diagnosis made, and if the doctor didn't specifically tell you what was ruled out, I would consider getting a new eye doctor. You need to have an open an honest relationship with your eye doctor. I've presented mine with some issues that he couldn't figure out. He had no trouble referring me to a specialist. I like that about a doctor, when they are confident enough to refer out when needed. So far I've had done fairly well, and only suffered very minimal vision loss due to retinal inflammation. But I don't want to risk my remaining sight, so I am a bit alarmist. I've heard too many stories of people losing vision.

Hi, thanks for the concern about my eye I have never had any sort of vision loss before so asking if anyone else with sjogrens had was important to me even if to just tell the doc.
The vision loss that I had lasted everybit of three hours. I could not see anything on the left dithside, not just watching tv when I was looking in the mirror I could not see the entire left side of my face. It was very scarey along with the loss of vision it looked as though I was under water with my eyes open. I eventaully went to bed and when I woke up only the horrible headache and the appearance of looking through water was there. The eye ball itself is red and achey and now both eyes are red swollen and achey. The eye doctor that I saw is a new one so she does not know me or any of my other problems and for me that sucks. She did a couple of tests with lights and also an oct? I think that’s what she called it. She did also mention a few things that could cause this but told me at this point all just possibilities. She said on mon. when she sees me she’ll get more specific. Today my vision is very squiggly on my left eye no blank spots but the right eye is sore and red. My headache is still there it hurts worse when I bend over. My biggest concern is how do they get fluid out from behind your eye and is this vision change permanent. Looking forward to tomorrow hopefully will get some more answers.

Let us know what happens. There are lots of weird things that can happen, so nothing would surprise me too much. The OCT looked at the back of your eye. When inflammation hits, it can do some major damage quickly, so it's important to figure out what is going on and treat it.

Thank you for your concern, I will definitely let you know what happens tomorrow.

The vision loss sounds almost like a migraine aura. I have only experienced it a couple of times and it was weird but didn't last that long.

Felter- It does sound somewhat like a migraine aura, or at least a brain problem rather than an eye problem. But 3 hours? I've never had them last much more than 20 minutes. Can a migraine aura last that long? Although I did just find a source saying that it could last up to two hours, so three hours isn't a huge stretch from there.

It certainly doesn't explain the rest of it though.

Hey, thanks for looking into my latest problem for me. The haedache that came along with the visual disturbances had gotten worse over the last couple of hours. In the last half hour or so the vision in my rt. eye is now doing the same thing as the left did with the looking through water business. I do not have any blank areas in my vision just horrible headache and very red swollen eyes. I am really scared since this is all new to me. I am almost too scared to see the doctor tomorrow. My mother had two corneal transplants years ago. I, as i’m sure a lot of y’all do wake up quite often with corneal abraisions but this is an all together different pain. It’s wonderful to have someone to talk to about all of these wierd symptoms anyone else would think I’ve lost my mind. Thanks again. As for the migraine thought I have taken two Maxalt today with no results.

If it were me, I think I would go to the emergency room. In fact, if it were me, I would call 911 since I live alone and driving would be impossible. Tomorrow is a long time from now if your eyes are at risk.

I'm with Felter. Better to be alarmist. Get yourself to your local ER.

Hi, I wanted to just give an update on the situation with my eyes. The rheumatologist has thankfully rulled out the temporal arteritis. I will not need to have an arterial biopsy. I will be seeing the cornial specialist tomorrow morning. She wants to repeat the field vision test she was not pleased with the results of the first one. She at this time cannot find the scorce of the fluid build up behind my eye. If the results of the second test have not improved I will then be seeing a retinal specialist. Het biggest concern at this point is of corse finding the fluid scource. I think I told you she said it doesn’t take much to cause visual changes. She and I, of corse, am worried if the sight loss that I experienced happens again without really knowing why, it might not return. It is much better but I have instead of a blank spot just a darker spot in that part of my visual field. My eyes are both still very swollen, red and I still have pain and severe burning in bothe eyes. The headache is still there but not as severe. It’s the stangest thing ever if I forget and rub my eyes the eyeball actually feels bruised.

Glad to see that you are making some sort of progress on this. I'm sorry that this doesn't seem to have improved significantly yet. There are also neuro eye doctors. You may want to ask if this is an appropriate referral as well.

Thank you I have never heard of that kind of dr. I will ask tomorrow

I don't know if this will help....because I was just diagnosed with glaucoma and my eye pressures were very high, I had laser surgery where the eye doctor put new ducts into my eyes to drain some of the fluid back-up. Maybe yours is a completely different situation. If so, please pardon my ignorance.

Hi after all if the testing I was finally diagnosed with glaucoma. Can you explain to me exactly what the dr. did for your eyes please. Thank you

I'm sorry about this sadymay, but am glad that you have some answers now. I think the treatment will be dependent on type of glaucoma, pressure levels, etc. But Quadosh2him did just go through this, so hopefully she can give you some really good support.

I'm sorry for not responding earlier, I've been laid up with a bad flare of Ps A/RA and typing has been slow. Stoney had some questions too.I was seen by an ophthalmologist one year after being toldp by my optometrist that I needed to go. I was losing peripheral vision. It wasn't 're until my vision worsened that I went. The doctor did many tests over a three month period.. He told me the first day that my optical nerve was very thin,indicating glaucoma. The final day of testing he said my eye pressures were acutely high and I needed laser surgery immediately. So Thursdays he did the worst eye and the next day did the other. In the field of vision test, it showed many patches of vision loss. I have "open " Glaucoma. Only 10%of people with glaucoma need surgery. The surgery was laser surgery and he burned about 5holes in each eye to release some of the pressure.it was a little painful but not terrible..

I hope this answered some of your questions. Good luck to you.

Thanks did you ever loose any vision in the center og your vision field? The night that this blank patch appeared In my left eye scared the you know what b out of me. The vision is no longer blacked out but seems to be darker. The darkness I can see through but non the less it’s darker. Almost like shadows i’m looking through. It’s really hard to explain. Also do your eyes along with all the burning ache like a bad headache. It started before the drops so I don’t believe it’s the drops. One more question sorry, do you wake up during the nigjt feeling as though my eyes are stuck open and hurts to close them. I put bink eyedrops in my eyes a coulpe of times during the night. Do you think this is from the sjogrens or my eye issues?
How are you feeling today sorry to here you are feeling bad.

sadymay, it sounds like your eyes don't fully close when you are asleep. The cornea specialist that I saw said this can be a real problem for some. You may want to try some night eyewear like at http://www.dryeyeshop.com/all-night-eye-products-c97.aspx