Foot problems

Anyone else have problems with their feet? In my left foot I’ve been dx’d with a Morton’s Neuroma between third and fourth toe. Podiatrist wants to do alchol injections to kill the nerve. Same doc, same foot, I also have a small bump in the bottom center Of foot. He dx’d that as plantar neuroma! He prescribed a compounded cream. Gee, I’m sort Of the queen of that stuff! Just started the cream and it has mostly Verapamil in it, plus a muscle relaxer and anti inflammatory.
Anyone have any of these things? Anyone have alcohol/ nerve killing injections?
Can there be any relationship to SS? Please tell me what you know!!!

Hi , I also had a Morton’s neuronal many yrs. ago. Back then they only did surgery, one of the worst mistakes of my life. I now have one in the other foot sure wish they knew about the alcohol inj. Do yourself a favor and get the shots. Take it from someone who’s had both.

I had the shots last year, both feet bit of a story. Left foot grew back??? I found the shots painful. Did you? How many shots did it take for you to get rid of the thing? That surgery must have been BAD! Thank you soooo much. In just overwhelmed with health stuff at the moment.

Hi Nomad, yes I experience foot pain and hear your frustration. I had plantar fasciitis for over two years.. That was two years of treatment starting with cortisone injections, orthotics, CAM walker boot, short leg cast and PT. Podiatrist gave up and sent me to a foot and ankle surgeon who preformed a plantar fasciotomy and bone spur removal a year ago this month.

Now I have medial plantar nerve entrapment from scar tissue and facing surgery again (ugh!). Currently I also have a compounded cream of ketamine, bupvicaine,diclofenac, but it's not that effective at all. I have been told the problems I had/have with my foot are more likely from my Psoriatic Arthritis. I have not heard any association with SS but anything is possible with these crazy autoimmune diseases. I wish you luck and maybe a second opinion is needed at some point ? Take care!

The surgery was awful I still have one half of my foot numb. The shots were painful but and it took about four. The surgery took almost eight weeks to not be painful all the day and night. Do not recommend it!!

Dear Nomad,

I had to refer to the net on this one, so here is the link for others:

I have arthritic joint damage and bone spurs in the ball of the left foot, and it can sometimes swell to the size of a small cantalope! I did not wear high heels often enough to attribute it to them, and they were never too high either! The pain is sharp and dull at the same time, the NSAID Daypro helps, I also use an OTC Sportscreme, or the Ethyl Chloride spray, they help a bit. I also have joint damage and spurs in the left knee, left ankle and sciatica in that leg, so when I get tired from too much walking or standing, there is a pronounced limp and sometimes even a drag.

This has been attributed to PsA.

I've had bone spurs in both feet that I had surgical removed by shaving them down. I had a cyst in one foot that had to be moved. And now been going on 3 years of recurring plantar fascitis in one foot. I keep doing stretching, therapy, shots, orthodics, etc to avoid having the surgery. I can move from the foot all the way to the shoulders and list a bunch of issues. While I haven't read anything that supports it is related to Sjogrens, I totally believe that it must be. If you think about dryness in the body and how that can affect bones, muscles and tendons it just seems logically to me that it definitely plays a role. In fact, these constant issues are what prompted me to ask my Dr. to run a bunch of tests that ultimately ended in my diagnosis.

While all this Sjogren's and Lupus and autoimmune hepatitis stuff was starting and happening, I lost the fat pads on the bottom of my feet--nothing but skin and bone. Almost have to wear memory foam shoes (not yet). Had Morton's Neuroma years ago--in hind-sight it was just one of the steps to my autoimmune diseases.

You got to hold on.

KmMSm, what I would like to know is if it seems logical to us why does it not to the medical professionals?