Although I had a “normal” EMG and Nerve Conduction Study in August my foot pain and numbness has continued. Last month I noticed that my toes on both feet were starting to separate between the second and third toe -leaving a rather large space between them.

I went to the podiatrist today who ordered an ex-ray, but diagnosed me with “neuritis”. In all honesty, I’ve never been so confused leaving a doctor’s office before. The best I can figure is that it’s caused by inflammation of the sheath covering the nerve between the two toes.

Has anyone heard of this/dealt with this before? I have two brothers with autoimmune peripheral neuropathy disease, but this general term of “neuritis” is a new one on me! I guess it’s time to see another neurologist?


Neuritis is a "favorite" of Podiatrists. It is a very general term. However you described what is going on. You have inflammation and your feet hurt. You have inflammation not a "nerve problem" That is the "itis." "Itis" is an acute situation -pressure on nerves. Hit you thumb with a hammer, once you determine its not broken the pain is Neuritis) Were it me I'd be talking to my Rheumatologist for her advice. Podiatrists are sooooo tightly specialized, they aren't much help when it comes to systemic inflammatory diseases. The answer is not likely your feet. The podiatrist may have some practical solutions, but in all reality if it involves sharp instruments run (as you are able) needles may be okay. Sometimes injections help