Fun at the ER

Copied from my Facebook: how do you get a doctor to listen? I was more concerned about the tightness in my chest and feeling like something was choking me.

How I spent my afternoon.
YES I AM FINE! No it wasn’t fun. Guessing I had an allergic reaction to something, or possible its my thyroid. Either way, I went home with scripts for allergic reaction(benadryl, prednisone, and pepcid), and strict instructions to discuss this at endo appointment of Tuesday.

Have any if my friends familiar with thyroid troubles, seen this before? I’m curious of what it was/is.
59-IMAG2221.jpg (1.1 MB)
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So sorry you are going through this! Your pictures and what you described sound like an allergic reaction. Please keep us posted on your endo appointment. I hope you feel better!!