Have a surgery date

I will have my gallbladder removed on March 16th. I read a copy of my ultrasound report and it stated that numerous gallstones were present. So this is for the best.

I could get it done sooner but my hubby is going to be out of town a lot with the new bank opening soon. But the surgeon told me if I started having really bad pains between now & the 16th to call him & we would arrange something somehow to get it out sooner…

And I’m still waiting to hear from my (possible) new Rheumy in Jonesboro, AR. It can take up to 4 - 6 weeks before I hear from her. I continue to develop new problems. I am dealing with dizziness/lightheaded-ness/vertigo multiple times a day on a daily basis. I think something is not firing right in my electrical system. Maybe small fiber neuropathy or something???

Anyway…I’ll keep holding on until I get a decision from Jonesboro…

Have a great day everyone!!

Excellent decision. And I think you have a very caring surgeon there: the “call me” thing is really great.

All the best with this! Only three weeks to go, and with any luck you won’t have a crisis before you go for the surgery. Good luck with everything! I have a feeling that once it’s out, you will be relieved, and you will realize that it was high time to have it done.

Take good care


It sounds like it’s the right decision. It’s just a few weeks away. . . It gives you enough time to prepare but not too much time.

My surgeon is great! He took my Mom’s GB out & my Gma’s too and done hernia surgery on my Mom. So I know I am in very good hands!!

Having this surgery is the best thing! Even tho I have not had one attack since my ultrasound lol but as my surgeon said…“it’s just a matter of time”

Thanks for the support!

EXACTLY!! I’m doing good so far. Anxiety wise. I tend to dwell on things a bit too much sometimes. But it helps knowing I won’t have a hospital stay (barring no complications)

Thanks so much for all your support!!

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You’re in a great place now, Limarie! Fingers crossed that you get through the next few weeks!

Stay well, think positive, and keep in touch.


PS TJ said “you’re overthinking this” … he can sometimes be gruff, but he’s not often wrong!

Just commented on your other post before seeing this one- I hope that all goes well, and seems like you made a sensible decision!

Thanks Jules!! I’m to the point now where I’d just rather go get it out and get it over with. lol But at the same time I want my hubby there with me, so I think I’ll be patient and wait lol

Yes exactly. You want to get it over with on your terms, and with your nearest and dearest there with you. Thumbs up, and best of luck.

thanks so much!!


Surgery date has changed to 3/26. Feeling disappointed but what can I do?

I hear you. Just a little bit more waiting.

Awww, ten more days? Waiting is awful, isn’t it. First you get your head around it and then … you have to get your head around it again.

I’m suffering a few pre-op jitters myself: on March 17 I’m having Moh’s surgery to remove some skin cancer from my nose. I wish they’d call tomorrow and tell me to c’mon down. Waiting isn’t fun, and if my date got pushed ahead, I would not be a happy camper.


yah just a little bit more. Hope I’m of sound mind by the time it gets here…lol

Waiting is TORTURE!!! Luckily, I’ve only had two mild attacks since my last appt with my surgeon (2/21). Crossing my fingers that my luck holds out a wee bit longer now!!

So sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery!! I will keep you in my thoughts and send positive vibes that everything goes smoothly with as little pain as possible!!


You’ve had a long wait. That’s frustrating.

Hope that your surgery goes well too, Seenie!

Yes, it’s been a long wait (since November) but it’s almost over. And it could have been worse: the original date for surgery was in June! I kept reminding the secretary (in the nicest way that I knew how) that I’d LOVE a cancellation, and I’d be there at the drop of a hat. Maybe I need to bring her some flowers when I go, or a Tim’s coffee card.