Home from an overnight stay in the hospital

I have had quite the last 24 hours…yesterday afternoon I was standing in my kitchen talking to my son Lane, and I started having crampy pains in my upper abdomen. Where I was feeling my gallbladder pains. It quickly escalated and the pain was UNBEARABLE!!! I couldn’t sit still, I was moaning, and then I got nauseous. Then after about 15 minutes the pain started subsiding…and as it was letting up both my hands went numb and started tingling.

Went to the ER…Dr there said it was adhesions from my recent surgery. Then my blood work came back. My Lipase was elevated so I was transferred to the big hospital by ambulance for pancreatitis.

This morning my PCP came in and said I did not have adhesions…but the surgeon either did not check my bile duct for stones or just missed one and it plugged up my duct and my pancreas couldn’t release the lipase into my small intestine, instead it backed up into my blood stream and inflamed my pancreas.

The good thing is…this won’t happen again since I don’t have a gallbladder and won’t ever have anymore stones.

So now I am gonna shower, and catch up on my sleep. lol

Have a good day everyone!

I hope you have a much better day now. That must have been really scary.

Glad that they’ve worked out what was causing the problem- pancreatitis is nasty, you poor thing! Take it easy and sending you a hug!

Oh my gosh Lisa, when I read your post I hear this cheerful voice in my head despite everything you’ve gone through. I hope you have a good day, catch up on that rest!!

Thanks so much everyone!! I didn’t get much rest in the hospital…go figure! lol But I slept sooooo good last night!!

It’s so funny (now lol) that I had the “big” gallbladder attack a month after having my gallbladder removed. A GB attack with no GB!! :open_mouth:

I am doing great now, like nothing ever happened. I am feeling very fortunate that I was able to pass the stone and that it did not stay lodged in the duct. That could have been disastrous!

Oh and BTW…I had my MRI & EEG the morning of 4/18 for frequent dizziness & vertigo. Got a call yesterday that both tests showed no “significant findings” but on my patient portal it states that the issue addressed is “seizures”??? So I have no idea what is going on. He (Neuro) has put me on Keppra 250mgs 2 x a day.

I just turned 43 on Monday 4/17 (the day before my pancreatitis attack) and I hear all the time how I don’t look my age but my body (on the inside) feels like I am 93. I think I am in worse health than my 84 y/o grandmother. Depressing. But I’m not gonna dwell on that…

Have a great day everyone!

Awwww Lisa, happy belated birthday from all of us here! Have a great day!

Thanks so much!! :grinning:

Belated happy birthday! My hubby and I ask each other each morning how old we feel today! The age varies from 70-100, and neither of us are anything like that! And people say you’re only as old as you feel…! Keep on smiling!

According to my insurance EOB’s on their website my total for about 12 hours in the hospital for observation, about a 7 min ambulance ride, and a 5 hour ER visit came to $17, 111.65!!!

RIDICULOUS!!! And thankfully I have already met my part of our deductible this year so our part only comes to a little over $450. Healthcare where I live is a J O K E!!! I didn’t really get any care to speak of. The gave me a place to sleep, use the restroom & a couple doses of an I V med and that’s it!! Pretty expensive place to lay my head & pee a few times if you ask me!!

I’m just thankful we have good insurance…

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