HELP! (post-op problem)

I have a “hive like” rash all over my upper abdomen. Mainly under my breasts. It is not itchy or even bothersome. I happened to just notice it by accident really. To my knowledge it just showed up either some time through the night or some time during the morning this morning ( I just noticed the rash a couple hours ago while hubby and I were in town).

I’m going to try to upload a pic so HOPEFULLY y’all can see what I am talking about.
I have no fever, no chills, good appetite, urinating well. No bowel movement yet but, my digestive tract is waking up more & more everyday (sorry I know…TMI but we all know the bowels are the last organs to wake up after being anesthetized). I am helping it along as much as possible too.

Please be aware I am still pretty swollen…this is day 3 post-op…
If ANYONE has ANY ideas what this might be PLEASE chime in. I am using the pic I took to compare throughout the day and in the morning. If rash is still present I WILL be calling my surgeons office FIRST THING!!!


We figured it out!!! It’s an allergic reaction to something they used on me during the surgery…a cleaner, adhesive or something. My hubby spotted a straight line down both of my sides so it clearly is something they used ON me.

I will have to ask my surgeon at my follow up appt on 4/4 what he used on me. I have never had reactions to anything on my skin before. And this makes the second time since my SJS dx that I have had reactions. To be specific…second time this MONTH!! First was to a clinical strength deodorant (irritated underarms really bad) and now this!!

Anyone else find their skin has become sensitive since being dx with SJS…when it never was before???

I’m glad you figured it out so quickly. You certainly could be getting more reactive. Anything is possible.

Thanks Stoney…my appt with my new Rheumy is this coming up Tuesday (3/28) so I plan on asking her about the skin issue.

I have decided to call my surgeon in the morning regardless of how the rash appears. As of right now there is no change. If nothing else, it can be noted in my chart just in case something else pops up in the coming days. #KnockingOnWoodHere


I think you are probably right, Lisa: it’s something they spread, slathered or stuck on you during surgery. Call your surgeon, and maybe have a word with your PCP as well. And great that you have a picture: if the rash disappears overnight (never fails!) you’ll still be able to show the doc what went on.

Take care of yourself! Rest and don’t overdo it. :relieved:


Nurse says that since the rash is localized, not itchy & I am not running a fever that it’s no big deal. She agrees that it is probably something applied to me in the O.R.
She is thinking it’s a reaction to an adhesive. I have my first appt with my new rheumy in Jonesboro AR tomorrow!!! I am so excited to HOPEFULLY get to feeling like my old self again!!!


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Hope that you heal quickly and no more rashes! Hope too that your appt. goes well with the new doctor, let us know how you get on!