Hi, and thanks for adding me

Hi! I’m a new member from California. My screen name is DaisyMay. I’m not fully diagnosed yet. I began immunotherapy cancer treatment in September. Next day had eye symptoms. Over course of 3 weeks, my oncologist said I “probably” have sjogren’s from the immunotherapy. He sent me to an eye doctor. Eye doctor said I “probably” have sjogren’s, but set me up for a specialist to confirm next week. I said that’s exactly what my oncologist told me and his reply was, “No one wants to label you with sjogren’s unless we are absolutely sure” and the look on his face made me feel like it was a death sentence. So not knowing anything about this disease I’m looking for more information. I will be quiet for awhile doing research. This plus the recent cancer, plus a have another rare disease called CRPS. I like to always be happy and upbeat but right now I’m a little depressed and wanting to be alone. I’m glad I found this site. :grinning:

Hi @DaisyMay! You certainly have a lot going on right now. So you can certainly start off with symptom management while you’re still dealing with the immunotherapy. I would probably do that, because it would be pretty overwhelming for me to deal with multiple new diagnoses at once.

I will tell you the one thing that makes a huge difference in my day for my eyes. I used one of those night time lubricant severe dry eye ointments at night, every night. If I don’t use it, my eyes are miserable the next day.

Welcome here, and I hope we can help you out some.