Hi everyone, I was wondering, are we more vulnerable to illnesses? I have never had strep throat or pinkeye before untill now. I'm from Fresno CA and was wondering if there is a group that gathers here. Blessing's to all!

If you're on immunosuppressant medication, then you could be more at risk from infections. from an immunity point of view SS doesn't in itself make you more prone; with autoimmune diseases it's the over-reaction of your immune system seeing parts of your own body as a foreigner and attacking them which is the problem. But having dry eyes and dry mouth/ respiratory tract can make you a bit more likely to get eye problems or respiratory tract infections as mucous is the body's first line of defence to get rid of viruses etc. and with SS you're not producing much of that. Hope that makes sense? Have you had the pinkeye checked out?

Thank you for answering, yes I seen my Dr and she gave me eye drop's and antibiotics. I forgot to mention I have had a bloody nose off and on since last week. I have never seen what I seen come out of my nose. Looked like pieces of liver. Im told there clots and it happens. This is why I ask about our immunity, I have never had a bloody nose or pink eye or strep. I guess it comes with age but I'm feeling a lot better. Not on any immunosuppressant.

The bloody nose bit happens to me too. The doc said its a combo of the dryness we get since it invades the sinuses etc, but another one said that it can be a sign of laryngitis too. (Even if you aren't totally hoarse.) I get it fairly often for all of the reasons Jules mentioned. You'll find ways to deal that work for you. I use a saline spray which helps clear the mucous type stuff and it keeps the area from getting too dry. Humidifiers at night don't seem to help all that much for me but I know it works wonders for others.

Good Morning EnjoyLife2

Makes sense, I also have Barrett's Esophageal and my voice sounds raspy alot of times. Well I guess I will just have to deal. Thank you for the info, I really didn't want to go to the Drs. for a nose bleed.

Our immune system is out of whack and attacks our own body. Also, if you are on plaquenil, prednisone or other immunosuppressant medication, you are vulnerable. I have had frequent episodes of pink eye in the last year and a half. I do recommend to read The Sjogren's book. It will help you understand and manage this condition better. There's a lot more to sjogren's than we ever imagined. Hang in there!

Just a quick additon… plaquenil is a disease modifier not an immuno-supressant so it doesn’t leave you with that vulnerability. Thank goodness! It’s been a life saver for me.