Strep throat

Hi, Hope everyone is feeling good today. I have a question maybe some one knows the answer!

My granddaughter was just diagnosed with strep throat she is 4. Can't go to school and Mom can't go to work. Having SS, differentiated connective tissue disease, and lupus with the autoimmune issues, is it ok do be around her. Or I am I having more of a chance of getting sick myself? Thanks for your input.

Hi there susieq, my take would be that if you have any autoimmune issues, and especially if you are on meds that suppress your immune system in any way, you are more vulnerable to picking up infection or fighting infection if you do catch it. But you'll know this from whether you catch colds more often than before.

Strep throats can develop into more nasty stuff. I'd be concerned that if you're not producing enough saliva in your mouth/throat and mucous in your nose because of your Sjogrens you're vulnerable as it's the first line of defence against infection.

Myself, I take a 'stay away' approach to anything infectious to protect my health, I don't need more problems than I've already got! Hopefully your g/d is getting some antibiotics so she'll soon be on the mend and back to cuddling her g/m :-)

Please don’t put your fragile health at risk. If someone were to pose the same dilemma to you, think what your response would be. Strep throat could really mess up your dry mouth issues. I have 11 “grands” and I understand your desire to be there. What is it they say on flights…put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others. Don’t be part of the problem. Now I’ll stop preaching…my best to you.

I have to agree with the others. People get confused thinking autoimmune is the same as a compromised immune. It isn't but A) some are on immunosuppressents, B) the dry nose and mouth passages doesn't offer us the same protections and C) if you do get sick, your system goes into overdrive. It can result in some nasty things. Our system balances can be too tenuous at times to risk it. I generally steer clear when others have infections because it has cost me too much in the past when I didn't.

Thank you all for you replays. My family doesn't really think this disease is as bad as it is. If I were to get sick I doubt they would be here to help me. They just roll their eyes when I tell them how I am feeling. As much as I want to help with my Granddaughter I will stay away until she is better.

Sorry, some people are lacking…in compassion and understanding. This illness is complex, perhaps too much so for some folks. I’m sure they will come around with a little knowledge. Have a nice day!!

Hi susieq. Another way you can look at this situation and any future ones is- would you expose your granddaughter? If someone had a cold would you take her there to visit? I'm going to have to agree with everyone else so far- stay away. You can call, e-mail and text to keep in touch and let your granddaughter know you love her and wish you could be with her, and then as soon as she gets the all clear from her doctor you can give her all the hugs she'll take.

I think part of our problem is that if someone does google it, they see dry eyes & mouth and good prognosis. Its what comes up first and they figure all that stuff about possible engagement of other organs as a rare occurrence. And of course we generally don't look sick. It makes things difficult. We either deal with it or horrify them with how bad it really is so its a no win. There is something out called An Open Letter to those without Sjogren's. It helps explain the day to day stuff for people that can't really understand. You have to be good to you, in any event. Stay away from people while they are ill, rest when you need and don't think twice about it.

I agree with the general idea that it’s a good idea to stay away from people that are sick, including your own granddaughter. Once she’s been on antibiotics and fever free for 24 hours you can be around her.

That said, good hand washing goes a long way. I have been dealing with autoimmune disease since my son was a baby and my daughter was little. I have not gotten sick more frequently, nor have I had anything take a particularly bad turn. Since starting a biologic a up year plus ago I haven’t had any greater problems, and I’m still the one that is likeliest to not get sick when everyone else is.

I guess the short answer is to use good hygiene practices, and stay away from people that you know are contagious. Otherwise don’t worry too much.