Learning to Thrive with Sjogren's 2015 National Patient Conference 4/17-18/2015

A lawyer at my work was of attendance at this conference. He was a speaker. This was the National patient conference at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa Bay FL 2015. I was lucky enough to be given a binder to keep when he got back. He realized that I had sjogren's and I wanted to share it with you all. I scanned in the pages from the binder.

The pics are not that great but the information is interesting. It cost a lot if your lucky enough to be able to attend. I was not.

Also attached is a product directory put out by the Sjogren's Foundation of products to help with some of the issues. I thought it might be helpful.

God Bless


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2-sjogrensproductguides.pdf (741 KB)

Sorry the binder file is too big...If your interested I can email you. Just let me know. Not sure how to make it smaller. Just my luck!

Thank you, very helpful