Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation Patient Conference

Has anyone attended the SSF Patient Conference in the past? Anyone attending the one this week in Chicago? I haven't signed up to attend but am wondering if anyone has feedback about a previous one? It's close by for me and if my flare subsides I could feasible join if it's worth it. Would love feedback!

Hi Km,

I think it's a great idea! I'm nowhere near Chicago, and not a good traveler anymore, so I'm not the one!

I am ever hopeful that some important information could be gleaned from this, if you are up to it, of course!

Thanks for posting and for even considering it!

Wishing you well,


If I lived close by, I would probably go.
If anyone goes, please report back information learned.
Do they have these yearly?
I will consider going in the future, especially if it is Inny state or a neighboring one.

I have not attended one, but everything I have heard about them has been wonderful. I was able to purchase audio cd's of the individual speakers from last year at the SSF website, and they were very good. Well worth the price.

I wanted to go to but I found out about it too late to go.. Wahh….LOL. I would love to hear from anyone that goes also.

I have been to two conferences. Well worth going to! The speakers are very informative and approachable. There is a lot of information discussed. Meeting other people with Sjogren's is one of the best parts, It is amazing how much you can learn from each other. I am looking forward to the next conference in the Northeast, I will surely be there!!

I am so impressed with this group! So pleased to be here with all of you!