Looking on the bright side

I have discovered a benefit to having SS - I chopped an entire onion and didn't shed a single tear! Of course, I have no tears to shed.

You go, girl! We need to be able to laugh at this thing

Love this! It’s a good incentive to cook more often (not). My eyes burn when I cut onions but no tears here either. What I don’t understand is that I got emotional over something the other day and I cried tears. Can’t figure that out. Why can’t I produce tears when I am near onions?

Does this happen to anyone else?

Hey Cassi…I know there is a big long scientific explanation but I can tell you simply that from psych studies I've read that your tears are different. What lubricates the eye is not the same as others. Even the chemical make-up is different if they are tears of sorrow vs from laughing. I've always found that to be such a cool little tidbit. Messed up though we are, we really are amazing beings.

One the positive swing, I love cooking. Its therapy to me after a day of doing what I do but its also one of the things I can do well and truly enjoy.( it helps take the focus away from things I can't do anymore.) Yay for that too.

I always have to chop the onions when we have family get to gethers because of not crying while doing it.

Their is a bright side to every thing.