Today was a very sad day at my house. Family issues and some real drama. I was feeling tearful....a few years ago and I would have needed a box of tissues but I DID cry. Two whole tears. oh well I guess I shouldn't have complained. it was better than none.

I also have this thing where unexpectedly and for no apparent reason my right eye will tear and I will tear for a minute or so and then it goes away. Used to drive me crazy when I wore makeup. I no longer wear it because of the mess with eyedrops.

Does anyone else have random tears?

I'm sorry you had such a rough day.

I've never had trouble with tearing randomly until after I had all 4 tear ducts plugged. Except for more extreme conditions, such as bike riding or cold windy weather. But your eyes still likely feel dry because while you are still making tears, the quality of them is poor.

Thank you both of you for your input. I just got home from a very sad funeral. I did cry,,,but the tears did not feel normal. It was more like my eye was "leaking"

My condolences. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

The leaky eyes. . . That’s likely due to poor tear quality.