Onion Tears

I chopped up a 10 pound bag of vidalia onions to keep in the freezer. Normally I would keep a box of tissues right next to the cutting board. My eyes stung but I did not shed one tear. On one hand it was great not having to stop every few minutes to wipe my eyes and nose but on the other hand all I could think was, "Am I really THAT dry"? I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Has anyone else had something like this occur?

I've had that happen. It almost hurts worse because you can't tear out the irritant. If it helps any, I've had plenty of times since then that I have teared while cutting onions so it isn't a constant.

Ya know….I have a story right back. LOL…My divorce was long and ugly. One day my brother-in-law showed up in court. I hadn't seen him in almost a year even though we had always had a good relationship. We went out into the hall to talk and both of us got emotional and he was wiping tears away. He actually got mad at me and said. "damn it, why don't you ever cry?" I told him my tear ducts don't work (this was pre SS diagnosis) and he looked at me like he'd never seen me before. He was like "really?!" I told him I it doesn't mean I don't feel, it just don't tear. He was half laughing at that point and just said "well that explains a lot. I feel better now." Funny how those annoying little droplets can mean so much.

Oddly enough, I can still cry a river! I don't cry often, but when I do, it's like someone opened up the flood gates! There are many times I wish I could do it though! My eyes get so dry they feel like someone took sandpaper over them repeatedly!

Thanks, this all makes me feel better. Enjoyed your story EnjoyLife!!! SK you always have such good responses. I have cried and had tears, I hadn't thought of that. Won't be able to test the onion theory for a while...I've got enough onions to last a year! That's what happens when you send hubby to the store for A SMALL onion LOL!

LOL… any opportunity we have to laugh at this is a good one!