Methotrexate Break

Hi Guys, I have been taking Methotrexate weekly injections for about a year. I went off them for 3 weeks about 5 months ago due to surgery and now have been off them for 2 weeks in prep for another surgery. I will be off for a total of 4-5 weeks this time. Does anyone know of anything I can do to keep from getting horrible flares like I did last time I went off it? It sounds like a stupid question but after 2 weeks I am starting to really hurt. Last time my Rheumy had to double my dose to get it under control and I don’t want that to happen again or to have it take so long for it’s effects to kick back in. Thanks, you guys are so far ahead of me on the learning curve than me on all of this, I appreciate your help!

Hey TL…. I am sure others with more knowledge than I will be able to give you some input. I am wishing you the best and keeping good thoughts for you. Good to hear that the med works for you, though. Its good for me to hear.

Hi TL,

You are so right about having to stop these meds, and how the pain and illness spikes, but it's necessary to raise the immune system so that your body can heal from the surgery. There are never easy answers, and the solutions are elusive, for sure. Hope the Doctors have a way to help, but doubling the meds to get it back in your system afterward may be the only way.

Wishing you well,


Hello. Sorry to here you have a planned trip to inflammation hell. I would suggest you eliminate all inflammatory food & drink. Including all red meat & chicken, all legumes & certain vegetables. And stay far away from sugars. Eat only anti -inflammatory foods. Google the food before it passes your lips. And take mega doses of willow bark. In three or four days you will be “deflamed” . Oh ya and stay clear of stress. This is my recovery strategy. Among other things. I currently do not take any medications and have a prescription for every drug. What is your surgery for?

This supplement could be a great help, but please read the precautions and side effects, as it is not safe for everyone. Always check with your Physician before adding ANY supplements!

Thanks, I am having Revision Surgery to reposition my main lead that treats the pain from my Type2 Trigeminal Neurolgia. Unfortunately it has been postponed 3x in 2 weeks, most recently yesterday thanks to my insurance. It is scheduled for next week but that is dependent on insurance. The lead/wirework has migrated up and wants to break out of the skin in my face. I loved the term “inflammation hell” Sally! I know willow bark is one of the ingredients in Aspirin and I can’t take that because I am off aspirin for surgery too. Due to my ever present nausea and occasional vomiting I can’t get anywhere near meat ,chicken, fish-- my main protein is gagging down egg whites and Swiss cheese so I am ok there too Sally. Thanks for your help and encouragement!