Mood swings

My mood swings are all over the place, today alone I’ve gone from tired and cranky, depressed and crying, to mad and livid and back to tired and cranky again. I am so tired and I wish I could pick myself up but I’m not sure that will ever happen considering that at this point I pretty much feel hopeless. Depression, anxiety, mixed with corticosteroids, auto immune suppressants, and Sjogren’s I have had enough for the day.

I’m sorry. I hope that today is a bit better for you. Are you treating the depression and anxiety? With autoimmune diseases there can be a component of depression. Some people will find that it improves with some of the disease modifying meds, but not always. You may need to deal with the depression and anxiety head on.

I understand. I also experience all these emotions, all through the day. They seem to cycle through the day. I think I have noticed that it gets worse as the day goes on and I become more tired. One of the hard parts is to not be grouchy at my loved ones because of the effects of my disease. Yikes, this autoimmune stuff is difficult!!

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Besides the imbalance, chronic pain takes a lot out of you both emotionally and physically. It can be wearing for a lot of reasons. I would always say talk to a doc or mental health professional. But know that self care is super important. Time to rest & recharge helps a lot.

Ywa, it can be so difficult for me to make it a priority to taking care of myself.
I went to acupuncture for the first time yesterday,
I am hoping it will help with the pain & fatigue.