MRI Results

Hi everyone. My ENT sent me for a MRI earlier this week to try to find out an underlying cause for ongoing ear and neck pain & tongue swelling that I have been experiencing. I received a call from his medical assistant saying everything was fine and no followup was required. However, I just picked up a copy of the report and it states "shotty upper cervical nodes. No lymphadenopathy." Has anyone ever heard of or had experience with "shotty nodes"? What does this even mean and should I be concerned if the doctor obviously isn't? Thanks in advance.

Disney, I don't blame your for wondering at that one. I've never heard that used as part of medical terminology though others may have. I would call back and ask to talk to the doc directly (not an assistant). I've done that in the past and it helped clarify a great deal. Also, I've had times where the doc thought that all of the information had been gone over and had no idea that the call only consisted of "everything's fine". Even if the doc isn't concerned, we need a full picture of what is happening. We tend to see more than one doc, or the doc moves, etc…its like knowing what your baseline is. Keep us posted! I am very curious as to what that means too.

Thanks for the advice EnjoyLife. I will take your advice and ask to speak directly with my ENT.