Mucus Pinapple Juice

I was told by a friend, who has a boyfriend who has a problem due to the condition he has with mucus chocking him by trickling down his throat. It was suggested to him that he takes a few mouth fulls of pineapple juice as this will solve the problem. I tried it and it does work. I prefer not to get the problem in the first place and avoid dairy but i do cheat sometimes and the pineapple clears my throat. Like your feedback if it works for you. Mary UK

Hi Mary

My mother was having trouble swallowing and the speech therapist told her not to drink thin drinks like water with out thickner in it. She did recommend pineapple juice. I would speak with the doctor and see what he thinks.

Hi I was also recommended by my speech therapist to use a thickner in my drinks I am now awaiting the prescripton. When i drink through a staw the fluid hits the back of my throat and makes me cough.

That's really interesting. I'm curious to hear more. I used to mix OJ with water (too much for me otherwise) when I had a bad cold because it seemed to cut the mucous too. I always assumed it was just because it was acidy. I wonder if there is more to it than that or if pineapple in particular has a helpful element to it. Please keep us posted as to what the therapist says.