Mucus in my throat causing mee to cought

For months now i have had a cough caused my mucuse at the back of my throat. Has anyone else had or have this problem? In the last few days i have cut out dairy and it has helptd. Maryy Xmas and Peavedul New Year Mary UK

Hi Mary, one of my regular issues from SS is mucus build up. Every morning I have to cough it up or I will end up with a sore throat. It’s a nasty routine each morning while trying to get ready for work. My goal is to not throw up because of how thick it can be and well it’s just nasty. :slight_smile: oh and then the fun part comes if I do get sick my whole head becomes congested, throbs and I get dizzy.
I take Singular nightly, a nose spray which can make it worse depending on when I use it and allergy meds. I feel like the meds help but just not enough to relieve my problem. I haven’t tried cutting out dairy, but it might be worth a try. I wish I could be of help but I’m still trying to deal with this issue as it’s been about 2 years since it started.

Thanks for your reply Mucus in my treat is a real problem as it restricts me going to the theatre, concerts anywhere where a person coughing interferes with the enjoyment of others. I looked up Mucus Forming Foods and a very long list came up, which i am looking into. I have found that chewing gum helps. All advice still welcomes Mary UK

Lovely thing about dryness is that it makes the mucous thicker. I am on asthma medicine and take allergy meds year round. I've tried to come off them for the winter and it never works. LOL…. It just gives that stuff a better chance. Lots and lots of fluids helps me too. If I start getting dehydrated, I'm in trouble. Even then, if I get to really laughing hard, I pay for it later, almost like it loosens that stuff up and moves it around in the lungs. Yuck. Its one of the fun parts of SS.