Cutting out dairy from diet

Morning from Newcastle. Love and prays go out to any french friendd in the group

Question. Has anyone cut out totally dairy from your diet and if you have with what result. I have cut out dairy and I am now dairy free (use soya milk instead) and my coughting has stopped and the mucus at the back of my throat has gone. I am trying goats yougart and chesse. I think my dry mouth is a bit better but jury out on that one

Hey… I have cut back quite a bit on my dairy and it seems to help some. I use almond milk in my coffee and try to keep cheeses to a minimum though i can't bear to cut them totally. I occasionally have greek yogurt but totally avoid ice cream, etc that are just extras. For me, the feeling better seems to be part of the overall diet change which includes less sugar, wheat, processed stuff, plus paying lots of attention to how much water and whatnot I drink, so I can't truly say what one particular thing is doing. Good luck though and keep us posted.

Good day Mary

I have some medical problems going on and we are in the process of changing my diet. One of the things is to cut down on dairy so I will be very interested to see how things go with you. I am also trying to stay away from potatoes and the nightshades which is proving very hard since I live in the South in the United States where every meal consist of meat and potatoes.

If you are on the right track you may get a foul tast in your mouth, head ack, nasty smell when going to the loo. This is a great signe as it is the intoxins clearing from your system Hope this information helps Mary

I am on an anti-inflammatory diet which has really helped me. I have very little dairy, no sugar (I use Xylitol instead), gluten free because I am Celiac, no soy, only complex carbs. etc I eat something every couple of hours. This helps keep in blood sugar even. When my blood sugar spikes (like when I eat sugar or simplex carbs, {that happens to everyone}) my inflammation also rises.. I would be happy to give you more info if you are interested. I definitely made a difference in my pain level.

Gluten and dairy free, it has helped a lot.

Morning from a cold UK. Diet. I can now say that cutting out dairy has worked my dry mouth, while still a bit dry, is much less in dryness. My cought has due tio mucuse has stopyed BUT and there is always a but, when drinking through a straw and fluid hits the back of my throat, i do cought. BOWLS Yes the bowels word a very important bodly function i think is not so good. I am a twice a day type of girl if not three times, with a good result each time, sorry if you are eating your breakfast, Have to look into where i get calsium and roughage, Sorry about my bad spelling.