Hi, This is Sarah
Have any of you found that food, in general, seems disgusting? I try to eat a balanced diet, food just has no appeal,even my former favorites.

i agree. sometimes ice cream soumds good though not like it used to.

Yes! I have a hard time eating breakfast and lunch. Usually by dinner I am hungry enough. I did learn, when I went to the salivary dysfunction clinic, that my taste has been effected pretty significantly (I had no idea). I am sure that plays a part in things just not sounding good.

Hey Sarah, I too have had that yucky food thing, problem with me I eat or taste a bunch of different stuff and end up eating too much because nothing I eat tastes right, so I feel ya

Hi Sarah. I go through phases. I'm starting to write if off like a flair up. There are times when I get a funny taste so nothing is right and my appetite definitely goes in and out. There are times when I have no desire to eat but do mostly because i know I need to and other times when its all perfectly normal. You certainly aren't the only one!

Glad I’m not the only one, but,
sorry anyone has been affected,too.

I'm still trying to get my husband to understand when he asks me what I feel like eating that when I say "I have no idea, nothing sounds good, food just sounds awful" that I'm actually being serious- nothing sounds good, I completely understand what you are saying - it seems disgusting. Good for you on trying to eat a balanced diet, perhaps you should try focusing more on the scent of the food than the concept of food- I sometimes find that this helps.

Thanks. I 'll give it a try