Musel Pain

Muael pain I am have a lot of problem with musel pain in my arm and shoulder. I would value any help or advice


it is very difficut for me to offer good advice without being able to see and feel as muscle pain is so variable and with many different causes.

Can you be more detailed with what kind of pain and what triggers it for example burning pain or stabbing pain is it worse to touch or press?

How long has it been going on?

There are many different kinds of pain killers for muscle pain but it depends on the type of pain and cause.

Thanks for replying

The pain is in my mussel in the upper arm and shoulder. It is there when I use my arm but not at rest. When I am in my power chair at rest not using my arm, the pain goes, but when driving my power chair it now becomes intense and burning and has become worse over the past few months. When I lie on my bed the pain in my shoulder and arm is intense but by supporting my shoulder with padding the pain goes. I am not taking pain killers yet. Typing this email is causing pain y my upper arm mussel back and front


it sounds a bit like a lactic acid build up from muscle spasm from"over use" or static contraction - the muscle contracts but isn't contracting and lengthening so the blood flow is restricted by the muscle compressing the blood vessels ( veins mainly) try warmth and getting someone to GENTLY massage the sore muscle to try to incease the circulation and gentle use by conract then relax may help as may "trigger point therapy" but there aren't many people who know how to do this.

Ibuprophen is usually quite good for this type of pain but I have no expertise in RA so not sure how it is with that or any meds you are on for RA. Your GP should be able to advise on this.

Thanks for a quick reply My Doctor just says put cream on for rumatics. This does not work. I am seeing my rheumatoligist next week. I will ask her about the the acid build up.

Thanks i have taken that on board and will try and then get back to you. The snow is falling in the UK aand as ysual the country has almost at a stand still....Happy New Year

Kaz said:

I would firstly suggest taking some mag phos tissue salts -

Also ensure your B12 is adequate. For immediate relief and ongoing management I would recommend acupuncture. It helps immensely with muscle pain. However, you need to try to seek out the underlying cause, that is why I suggest taking mag phos and B12 as if these are low it can cause muscle pain and muscle weakness/fatigue.

Assybish mentioned trigger point therapy. You can actually buy a book that comes with a handy tool one can use to do trigger point therapy on themselves. I actually have the book and tool and use it myself as I cannot do acupuncture on my back or other places I cannot reach. Let me know if you are interested in this side and I will give you the details of the book.

I also think resistant band training may help your arms and shoulder as well. Ask your rheumatologist ot doctor to send you to a physiotherapist so they can give you some gentle stretching exercises that you are able to do at home.

Mary, check the mag phos tissue salts with your doctor before trying, please.

Okay will do, not sure what he will say. Will get back to you Mx

The cold is torture for me, this could be a factor, also arthritis (Osteo or Rheumo to name just the top 2) Hope you feel better soon.

Mary, sorry you are feeling so poorly and I can sympathize with you. I would advice do not avoid using your arm so that it doesn't freeze up on you before you get to see your rheumy.

I've had a shoulder/arm problem for almost 6 weeks now. I cannot raise my left arm above shoulder height. It is as if something is there (besides pain) preventing me from lifting it. It is aching, muscle spasm type pain. My PCP sent me to physical therapy and there has been very little improvement thus far. It is excruciating, limiting, and debilitating. It keeps me awake at night. I hope you get to see your doctor soon. Take care.

One of the best helps I have found is soaking in a warm bath. It helps my muscle pain as well as my joint pain. My jet tub is one of my best friends.