Need Physician recommendations

I am new to this site and am hoping to find some information on diet and lifestyle changes that may help my daughter with her symptoms. Luckily they are not usually severe, although the fatigue does interfere with her everyday function at times. Also, for this same reason the rheumatologist I originally took her to sort of blew her off and told her to come back in a year. A general practitioner told us it was probably a false positive and she most likely does not have Sjogren's. A new friend of ours recently shared that she has had Sjogren's since college and we are finding that my daughter has many of the same symptoms that do not seem to even be on the radar of the physicians. It seems like they are not taking her seriously. I would think that they would want to get a jump on her treatment and help her learn how to prevent her symptoms from worsening but it seems like they would just as soon wait until she has some serious issues and then medicate for those symptoms. I am frustrated that a physician has not shown any interest in educating us on diet, lifestyle adjustments and any preventative measures in order to maybe prevent symptoms from getting worse. I would be very grateful for any recommendations for a physician that takes a comprehensive approach, including nutrition and diet information. A physician who takes a holistic approach.

Just so you know, you can search the site for specific key words, such as diet.

There are people who test positive for Sjogren's, but have not yet developed symptoms. That does not sound like the situation for your daughter. My point with that is that you can test positive with having Sjogren's. I would encourage her to start off with simply a clean diet. Mostly whole foods, limited alcohol, no smoking. And be patient. It's not uncommon for it to take quite some time until diagnosis. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't push, but some of the autoimmune diseases can take quite some time to be properly diagnosed.