New pain med from venom of cone snail 100 times more powerful than Morphine, no risk of addiction!

This is already available by spinal infusion or pump

Has anyone been given this yet?

Thanks for posting this, Kaz. I knew this was only used in extreme circumstances, rather than a maintenance med, but had not idea the side effects were this profound! Thanks for digging deeper!

Thanks again for your knowledge.

I must give a complete list of ALL meds and supplements each time I see my Rheum. If he prescribes a med that works, I have my GP fill it, so I am only going to ONE Dr for med refills, with the exception of Immunosuppressants, this helps everyone keep track of things.

I have always cautioned members, especially those on the Fibromyalgia site, about overstepping the daily allowances of NSAIDS. They just do not realize that they can be harmful, especially to liver and kidneys.

The Pediatricians and GPs that my grand kids and great grand kids are taken to have been on a big campaign to limit NSAIDS and antibiotics to kids! FINALLY! They are also inserting tubes in their ears as needed for recurrent ear infections earlier, rather than pumping them full of antibiotics until they are 6 years old. Things are changing, but perhaps not quickly or globally enough.