There is a very effective prescription for pain that you may not even know about!

No pills to swallow, no's the best kept secret weapon for nerve, joint/bone pain, I have found, even allows me to ride in the car a few hours!

My Rheumatologist is fabulous, what a gift this has been!

Does this work on neuropathy pain? I take gabapentin for the pain in my feet, but sometimes it's not enough. It's not really serious pain, but it does keep me from going to sleep sometimes.

Hello SK

I'm so glad this gave you some relief. I was wondering how cold this is? Cold is a pain trigger for me so I'm not sure I could use it. But I'm always looking for pain relief that doesn't involve ingesting something!

Thanks again and take care,


Hi Bairie and Bels,

It works beautifully on neuropathy, sciatica, joint, bone, muscle, tendon pain, HOWEVER, it is FREEZING COLD. but only for a second, then the cold is gone, and stays gone! Between my badly damaged SI joints and relatively serious central canal stenosis, I do NOT tolerate cold well at all, and lets not forget the Raynauds, when discussing cold!

I have to have a very strong grip on something to get my lower back sprayed with something this cold, but I'm telling you, it's pretty amazing! Beats Morphine, but may not last as long!

I'll warn you not to spray it near your face or in a tiny area without ventilation, do not shake the can or bottle! Please do not advertise that you have this as the kids have made it a fad, and like 'huffing it'. So please be aware of all safety concerns involving this.

Wishing you well,



Gebauer sounds interesting. It's hard to believe that an anesthetic spray could really help with muscle and joint pain. My hip has really been bothering me lately. I'm not planning on seeing the rheumatologist for a while yet. But I'll make a note to ask him about it.

How long does it last?


At least 4 hours! I'll warn you it's freezing beyond words when it first hits you, especially on the lower back and tailbone, but that cold dissipates quickly, and you're just numb! Wonderfully numb! Similar sprays are used when 'pic lines' are put in!

My right hip has been giving me a fit too, and I hit that while I'm at it!

So how do you purchase this? Or is it only for Drs. use? I couldn't seem to find how to buy it.

It's a prescription!

My Rheumatologist used it mainly for my SI joints, he said this was why I was in so much pain in the car, but it works on just about everything! I was amazed!

He did tell me not to use too much, and before he would give me a script he had used it on me 2 or 3 times in the office, then asked if anyone was with me, brought my Mom in and had the nurse show her how to spray it on. I had her hit my Sciatica in the upper left leg and the knee, ankle and ball of the foot on the left while she was at it! I have joint damage, and bone spurs there.