Reviews of RA I saw, who sucked

I thought I was the only one who thought this guy should retire. Seems I'm not alone. Thirteen other people agreed 100% to me and gave the same complaints. These were some people who had stuck with him for more than the one visit I gave him.

He charges $385 a visit and doesn't like to accept Medicare.

Felt good to post to a few review sites and validate my observations.

Went for a short walk yesterday. So tired afterwards. Friend came to visit and I just wanted to lay down and sleep.

Scar is healing nicely. Still no appetite, but trying to at least have a healthy breakfast at least.

Feeling ok this morning, which is good. :)

Hi Roulette,

I can most certainly understand the upset of such a disinterested Doctor, which is only intensified by you having to pay such an outlandishly high out of pocket punt of money to be seen.

I am reading if this need to pay out of pocket more and more on the various BF groups, and I’ll tell you that until our govt sees the need to address and revise, we will continue to hit these walls in our care.

It could be that this Dr did not want to put forth the effort you would require. Not all MDs are the truly caring souls we require. Hope you can find the kind of Rheumatologist I have. We all deserve good care and our Medicare/Medicaid should be made adequate.

I’m glad to know you are healing nicely. Hang on there girlfriend, were all pulling for you!