Sjogrens, Dementia and Antidepressants

Hi, I’m caring for my mum who has Dementia and sjogrens. She is always very anxious and now won’t leave the house in case she needs the bathroom. Can anyone recommend the best antidepressant or anti anxiety meds to use when you have sjogrens? Mum’s beyond the stage where she can be reasoned with or taught to relax. She can’t even turn on the tv. I’m hoping some meds will give her some peace of mind and some rest.

Thank you!

I suggest that you help work with her doctor. By all means, make clear that your mom has Sjogren’s, and that she really needs a med that won’t cause dryness, or accomodate a change of meds if need be.

There may be members who have personal experience with anti-depressants, but your mom is a bit complicated. The best thing you can do for her is advocate for her, as I’m sure you’re already doing.