Sore tongue

I was recently diagnosed in March. I do have dry eyes and mouth but it's not bad. I have been getting sores on the tip of my tongue that will stay for a few days. Any suggestions?

That may be from the dryness. What are you doing now to manage your dry mouth?

I use a tooth paste and mouthwash for dry mouth and keep gum or sugar free candy on me. My fear is all I have read about loading my teeth.

I started taking folic acid 400 mcg. Morning and evening that cleared it up.

Thanks I will try going back on that. I had been taking it because I have one copy of MTHFR gene but stopped because I started a new muti vitamin that has folic acid.


My doctor was 400 am, 400 pm and it works. How much was in your multi?
Those tongue sores are so painful…

Gingylyn-I encourage you to check in with your doctor on using folic acid. For people who are taking certain meds, such as methotrexate, folic acid can minimize mouth sores and hair loss.

When you are speaking with your doctor, you can also ask about meds that can increase saliva. Also, if you’re not already seeing your dentist twice a year, please do so. You should bring up your Sjögren’s and discuss your concerns.

I take mega vita-min from vitamin world and it has 400 mcg of folic acid. I was taking a folic acid 800 mcg that I had gotten from CVS before starting these vitamins.

I was diagnosed this summer. This past weekend I am having horrible mouth pain, palate, gums, throat, tongue, to the point where I am barely eating. Even swallowing water is painful. It is like blisters all over inside of my mouth. I had root scrapings and scourings in April and March due to excessive bleeding of gums prior to knowing about the ss. I am using prevident, evoxac and plaquen??? plus vitamin D Turmeric, Shots of vit. B, flax seed, eye hair and nail, non alcohol mouth wash. Do you think gargling with salt water will help?

I have found that gargling with baking soda helps. Like one teaspoon into a 6 oz glass of water at least 3 times a day. Try to see a dermatologist. he/she might be able to tell you whats happening by looking into your mouth. Good luck.

I gargled water with pink Himalayan salt, honey peppermint and lemon essential oils (1drop each) every time I feel sore as frequently as possible helped to bring it down. Hope this helps.