Squigle toothpaste

Hi all,

I have noticed that many of you are very happy with Squigle toothpaste and was wondering if you use the fluoride variety or not.

The Biotene fluoride paste just seems to be making my teeth sensitive. Or it could be over brushing, flossing and the water pic.

To bad we are not like sharks having a new tooth pop up after one is lost.

I bought both. I use one in the morning and one at night. I’ve been meaning to re read their website… But, so far so good. Refreshing taste and no drying out.

I alternate between the floride/enamel saver and the sensitive teeth one. The sensitive one definitely seems to be making a difference. When I remember, I do oil pulling also.

Hi Hopewell,

I am determined to use up the last tube of Biotene, but plan to buy both kinds of Squigle and alternate.


I just ordered Squigle online and will continue to use Biotene until it arrives. I appreciate all of your feedback on the toothpaste issue.