Take charge!

Morning everyone, I know I’m new here but I have read so much regarding lack of the help from doctors. I seen 7 doctors last year, the one that has been beneficial to me is my internal med dr and natural path. I drive the IM one crazy, but he said not many people educate themselves like I do. When my journey started with what in gods name is wrong with me??? I took copy’s of ALL blood work-emg-allergie testing- x rays, you name it! Put on a pot of coffee and had a day with DR. Google!!! I learned what they were trying to figure out. Now I’ll go in about a month from now, I will request another ANA to see where the titer is, AntiSsB and a to check on sjogrens and a Sed rate for connective tissue!!! And take my IM dr a box of candy, that helps with how my assertive attitude can be, but let’s face it! There’s only only of you, remember-- knowledge is power! Learn , grow and embrace the journey of learning what is going on with your body’s and what steps you need to take to have productive, fullfilling days-moments.

Yes, sometimes we have to be informed. But it’s also easy to lead yourself down wrong pathways, so it’s always best to bring ideas back to your doctor.