That was a rough one

I am just coming out of a rough couple of days. I think maybe I pushed myself a little to hard or something over the past couple of weeks. Christmas Eve I ended up with these big dry patches all over my back and shoulders with blisters in the middle of them. Hurt to even wear clothes. I got through Christmas Day with quite a few tears and then slept for all of Boxing Day. Normally it’s tradition to go up to my dads for sliding on Boxing Day, but no matter how hard I tried I could not wake up. I could hear and feel my kids and family having fun and laughing all around me and I just kept crying and sleeping. I have pretty much slept ever since. I feel better today and my rashes (or whatever they are) are shrinking so I’m doing much better, but wow what a hard couple of days!

I’m glad you made it through, Angie, and I hope there were some good times, too. A New Year is upon us. I hope it treats you and all of us well.

It is so hard to pace our selves when preparing for special occassions. I have always had trouble with this. I am so glad you made it thru and hope you feel better daily. I have the worst lupus rash i have ever had and completly no how you feel.