Welcome Marcia from Pennsylvania!

Hi there @Mdavis, and welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome support board. It sounds like it must have been really difficult for you this year, but we’re glad that you found us and are here to listen to your experiences with Sjogren’s. There are many here who have also struggled with this condition, but also many who were able to manage their symptoms and find a new balance in their life after diagnosis.

We do have a category that I can suggest for you to read up on some literature about Sjogren’s that other members have shared linked here, or see what has been discussed in terms of symptoms and treatments here. A really fantastic category we have is dedicated to providing emotional support for each other, linked here. There are definitely struggles when it comes to dealing with Sjogren’s on top of everything else, but we’re here to listen to you share your experiences. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how you are feeling, or if you have any questions! Best wishes and hope that you’re able to find some helpful information here.

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