What are your thoughts on these surgical robots?



Anyone had robotic surgery?

Would anyone consider it?

I'm not a big fan of the robotic surgery, A surgeon,in my opinion, can learn a lot by feeling internal organs directly. An example would be a liver, feeling it can tell a surgeon more about the disease process that may or may not be present. I realize smaller incisions mean faster healing times. less chance of infection, etc. but I'm still voting for the experienced hands on approach ! Now I guess I should read the links you provided, kind of going backwards here :0)

Okay, just read/watched the links. Peeling a grape, painting a picture and folding origami are not skills that will come in handy during a surgical procedure. I realize these are examples showing the precision of the machine however I still say no to the robotics,I have had 8 surgeries without the DaVinci present and did just fine! Nothing beats the skilled hands of a surgeon.

Is this robotic surgery to cure autoimmune disease?

In general, all tools to help surgeons do a better job and cut down on surgical time are a plus. Technology is moving forward in every aspect of our lives; as long as the doctors using this technology are expertly trained I am all for it!

A family member just had DaVinci for prostate cancer. I was skeptical too but the surgery time was cut in half and his recovery time was remarkably better. Also much safer for infection, which is a real problem in hospitals. I'm sold.

It takes a very long time for a surgeon to be properly trained on it and at no time does the machine take over….it is still the surgeon doing the work. Its similar to the way open heart surgery is no longer required for many heart issues….technology helped us find better ways.

I am a nurse, and I used to work in the operating room. I have participated in surgeries where the DaVinci robot was used, and like EnjoyLife stated it can be a good option for some people. It can reduce surgery time which reduces the time a person is under anesthesia, and it can reduce healing time as well as reduce the risk for post operative infection.

The surgeons using the DaVinci are well trained on this machine. So what it boils down to is deciding if it is the right way to go for you. This is something that should be discussed between the person having the surgery and the surgeon. We are always going to be facing new technology, and I doubt this will be the last we here of something being robotic!

It is an amazing machine if you ever get a chance to see it!

Thanks Karyn, always good to hear from our nurses!