What do you like to do to occupy your time with?

For those of you who aren't able to work any more. What do you like to do to fill your time? If you do crafts, what kind of a craft do you do?

I'm hoping all of us can share our ideas to help others (including myself) come up with new things that we can do to fill our time.

Thank you,

Something I do pretty regularly is to make big pots of ‘healthy’ soups (my specialty is a variation of minestrone). I freeze it in smallish containers for times when I want a quick meal, but more often I add a container of salad and some nice rolls and deliver it to someone who might need a lift that day. Maybe I’ll figure out how to share a coupe recipes.

Oh, I frequently multi-task and listen to podcasts; #43 on thoughtbots with our own Scott Orn (which highlights Ben’s Friends) was terrific! Thanks for the link in your monthly letter, Ben!

Hi Ben,

Like you I dedicate much of my time here on the various Ben's Friends groups! I also have an open door for my grand kids, and love to spend time with them. We have a tiny green house, raised garden beds, growing a few vegetables and fruits.

Plants vs Zombies I & II are my favorite games!

I really enjoy watching documentaries and my favourite television shows, playing computer games (some MMORPGs, some more casual like The Sims), baking and researching topics of interest to me online like the environment and politics. When I'm feeling okay I like to visit the library and go out even just to get a coffee by myself or something because it doesn't take me long to feel isolated and really need to be around people (and then once I'm out I pretty much want to go back home immediately, I'm like a cat that way). I like to spin poi, exercise outdoors and press flowers but these are reserved for Summer really when the warmer weather allows me to be more active. I'm starting a degree online next month and I hope that I will cope well with it because it would really keep me occupied like Kaz described. I have a ton of interests and half-hearted, potential hobbies that would really become proper hobbies if I had the energy to invest in them!

I have Spanish CD’s that I listen to. If I’m very sick, I read magazines. But, I am not as fulfilled with my life as in the past. I’ve just been a bit too sick of late. I am glad about the CDs though. I was taking Spanish classes, but missing tOo much. SK…I must know about Plants vs Zombies!!! My grandson is two. What type of game is this? Would he be able to play it at 21/2 (Christmas)???

I enjoy mystery games on my kindle fire, Facebooking, spending time with my grandkids. Right now I’m taking a water aerobics class in the mornings. It’s the only way I can get some exercise without overheating, of course I use lots of sunscreen, wear my visit and sunglasses while in the pool. I have sreversal health issues besides the Sjogrens that hinder me from doing a whole lot anymore. I am also an artist. I used to own my own art gallery and gift shop for about 12 years then my health got too bad to keep it up. I had two art classes going then as well. Those I really miss and am thinking about starting private lessons for people in my home. I love to paint and sketch people.

Hi Nomad,

You can play free for 60 minutes and not worry about malware or ads being downloaded onto your computer if you use Big Fish games. As computer literate as kids are right now, you just never know!


Choose PC games, under arcade.

I was learning German when all of this kicked up for me, a very difficult language even when you are sharp. I had hoped to visit Bavaria, and look for some of my late father's family, but both are out now! Traveling and difficult languages are out, I have enough trouble staying home and speaking English!

lilacs, spin poi, as in twirling fire? Wow!

I like to crochet, make jewelry and now I am working on my painting skills so that I can get back into painting. I am also continuing my study of sign language.

I kind of consider myself an artist of no particular medium! I have been making contemporary greeting cards for ages that I have had in a few shops. I also make "faux" food such as sushi, cakes, pies, chocolates, petit fours, and anything else I could think of for displays. I made some tiny ones for my granddaughter to use with her little china tea set. I did sign painting for awhile but it just wasn't that interesting for me. I was very involved with photography when I was younger and eventually worked in a friend's professional studio. I just bought a new DSLR camera with loads of equipment so my interest is piqued again. I mostly make modern, contemporary greeting cards. I have sold some in shops and was getting ready to put them in another local shop when I had one of my super flares so it was all put on hold. My granddaughter (she's 6) also loves to make cards that she sends to relatives, and she's really quite good at it! (As I wipe an imaginary tear from my proud grandma eye!) My husband and I have collected kaleidoscopes for probably 30 years or so and have somewhere in the range of 60, give or take a couple. It's always the first thing we look for when we vacation the second being a Frank Lloyd Wright house to tour! My truest time killing loves are reading, art and interior design. I miss my design jobs, painting and hanging wallpaper, but I just can't handle it physically anymore. My favorite artists are Jackson Pollack, Picasso, Dali, Alexander Calder, as well as MC Escher, and Dale Chihuly. So I'm fortunate that I have things that stimulate my mind no matter how bad I'm feeling or how big the rut is that my creativity is lying in!

Such fascinating, creative people here, what a shame we have to be so ill!

Lovey, I have been to the Dali museum! What a character he was!

I like to sew, crochet, quilt, plastic canvas, cross stitch, read, take bubble baths, bake and cook, go to lots of doc appts, watch movies and shows on netflix and amazon, care for my sugar gliders (little furry marsupials), dog sit my gradndogs while mommy and daddy work, play games on facebook and other game sites, and during the summer I go out to the pool every day I can. When I am sick and no energy...which is often...I stick with facebook, watch movies/shows, pool, enjoy my granddogs and cuddle with my sugar gliders. I really get maybe 3 days of any crafting each month..not as much as I would like to.