What have you done for fun lately?

This is one ingredient of living that we don't want to leave out! No matter what, we need to always have some fun times, they are simply good for our soul!

So tell us, what have you done for fun?

Went to see Missy Anderson and her husband (plays guitar) sing the blues at Jake's Garden Grille (City Heights) Sunday before last. Great blues and soul with crab cakes (yum) for breakfast. They are San Diego's nominees that are being sent to the BMA (Blues Music Awards) coming in May 2015. San Diego has a great blues scene, wish I could go to all of the shows.

You got to hold on.

My husband and I once in a while like to get a hotel in a nearby town for the night, we did this a couple of weeks ago, went for dinner and watched a movie in the room. I love my kids but it’s nice to get away from time to time

Today I am going 1 hr away to meet college friends…we are all 71…then 2hrs up to Poughkeepsie for shoe shopping, lunch and fellowship. Wasn’t going to go, cause this is the first time I’m not driving at night. One friend brainstormed, pushed and prodded, talked to my hubby, who is driving me to the first stop, in summiNJ. From there, he will go into NYC to meet a college friend. Proba

I am at the point where enough boxes are cleared away that I did a little shopping and started decorating the new house!

We had a small birthday party for my oldest grandson here at the house.