Where are our medical professionals?

I'm sounding a roll call, I know we have nurses here, maybe x-ray techs, phlebotomists, and others who have medical degrees of various kinds, so if you have no objections, please join in and tell us your accomplishments. We all have SO MUCH to learn from you!

Much of the advanced information we gather from time to time is over my head, and sometimes it is just not correct, or an advertising scheme for a miracle cure,so it would be helpful for me to have a list of 'go to' professionals when I'm/we're confused or even stumped.

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I’m a Mental Health Associate and Phelbotimist.

I am a Mental Health Counselor. My specialty is trauma, ptsd, anxiety, phobias and depression. I am trained in MI, CBT, TF-CBT, and awaiting Certification for Drug and Alcohol Counseling.

I wasn’t going to mentiOn it because I got sick and never finished my licensure, but I have a MS in Mental Health Counseling. Hmmm. Interesting! :grey_question:


Hey sk, nursing is my background working in drs offices over the last 30+ yrs. I’ve worked in family medicine! ophthalmology! Ob/gyn, surgery, gastroenterology, urology. I have not worked rheumatology,orthopedics, hematology/oncology, endocrinology. But the nice thing about family med, and more specifically, you get a little of everything with family med. I used to work with my patients in family med to help them find the help they needed from different programs in getting meds either free thru the companies, or meds at greatly reduced rates. I also helped my patients find different services they might need. It was a very gratifying job when I was able to do it. I found there were a lot of disabled/ elderly patients that could not afford medicines, bills, and food every month, so they chose bills one month. Meds the next and so on. I now found myself on the end of the one needing help. Ugh. But I get by. I hope this gives you a better picture of me. HAve a blessed night.

Nomad, What state are you in? I'm plowing through the full Lic. hours too.

I am a LPN I have worked in hospitals, nursing homes and home health. I think my favorite job was working drug and alchol rehab.

Thank you Fascina, EnjoyLife, Nomad, Wendy, purplebutterfly for your responses and for the care you have given to so many! I know there are a few more here and hopefully we will hear from them too!


for what it’s worth
I have a BSc in biology and a PHd on medical science 20 years lecturing in biology/biochemistry/chemistry and 13 years as technical director (head of R&D, labs and technical sales support) of an international chemical company.
I have also quals in sports medicine and exercise physiology.
Favourite job teaching and lecturing which thanks to SS I can no longer do.

Wow assybish,

I know of only one other in all of Ben's Friends who comes anywhere near to your credentials. Thank you for sharing this with us! Though I am sorry this disease has kept you from what you love to do most, we are very fortunate to have you with us!